Come G.R.O.W. with Us

Evangelistic /Outreach Ministry  (Luke 14:23, Acts 8:26-35, 39, 40)

Under the inspiration and guidance of the Holy Spirit, reaching out into the community and the world.

Humbly reaching out to the lost, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, compelling all souls to enter into salvation.

Having the word of God in their heard, accompanied with the zeal to share, shed and shine his word abroad.

Reaching out to the wavering and backsliding believer, willingly being led by the spirit of God to serve.


Intercessory Prayer Ministry  (Romans 8:26, 27, I Timothy 2:1-4)

Through the guidance and unction of the holy spirit himself; with the love of all man in their heart; partitioning the throne of God in Prayer and Supplication on behalf of the men.

Operating in their Spiritual Gift of faith, praying for the holistic existence of the saints and first and far most, the salvation of all mankind.

Praying for the knowledge of truth in God which is through Christ Jesus.


Music Ministry  (Psalm 98:1-6, Psalm 100:2, I Chr: 31, 32, I Chr 25:5-6)

With a heart of thanksgiving and praise, collaboratively sing praise unto the Lord.

Through the joyful noise of uplifted voices of praise, ushering the congregation into the presence of the Lord.

To minister to the congregation of God in the worship sitting, preparing the heart of the people for continuation of the building of the kingdom of God through the word.

All being done under the leadership of, and through the works of anointed and appointed vessels.


Education Ministry  (Deuteronomy 31:11-13)

To effectively operate an educational program that teaches and reaches all ages and generation of the church body.

Teaching the word of God in the effort of growing the saints in the knowledge of God.

Instructing the saints towards the obedience of God, through fear and reverence of the Lord.

Expanding the knowledge of the saints of the person of God, in an atmosphere conductive for learning.


Family Dynamics Ministry  (Eph 6:1-4, Col 3:18-21, Joshua 24:15,16)

To enlighten, equip and encourage families to live in unity according to the word of God.

Enhancing the knowledge of family members in their role of the family structure.

Ministering to the holistic existence of the family experience.

Nurturing the spiritual growth and unity of the home.

Pointing the direction of existing homes, regardless of it's made up, toward the total will and reference to the word and service of the almighty God.

Encouraging homes to serve God only and totally. 


Youth Ministry  (Matt 19:13-14, Proverbs 22:6)

To nurture the youth of the body of Christ in the word of God.

Guiding and contributing to their spiritual growth.

Drawing in the youth of the world and introducing them to the saving graces of God.

Ministering to the holistic of the youth experience.


Hospitality Ministry  (Matt 10:40-42)

To at all times, be prepared to ensure an atmosphere of receiving the saved and the lost into the house of God with love, honor, and respect.

Embracing the community and the world as they experience the presence of the church body.

Ensuring comfort and extending love to all who gracefully visit this body of Christ.